2021’s Exotic Fruit trend

Exotic Fruits

It’s finally here, an exotic fruit subscription box with some of the rarest exotid fruits from around the world. The Exotic Fruits Selection Box comes in 5 sizes and is great for trying new flavours from a variety of different fruit species. Each exotic fruit boxes uk contains between 1.25-10kg of exotic fruit sourced and imported into the UK.

By shopping with Exotic Fruits you can also save 10% by subscribing to either a weekly or monthly exotic fruit selection box. There is a steady supply of a wide range of tropical and exotic fruits these include:-

White Fleshed Pitaya

The white-fleshed pitaya is believed to have originated from south Mexico. However, the case of white-fleshed pitaya is very interesting. Scientists are not sure about the precise origin of the white-fleshed pitaya as they believe that it is a hybrid. Thanks to its beautiful flowers it has been introduced in many tropical areas as an ornamental.


Kiwano is an annual fruit which means that it completes its life cycle in one year. It is originated from Africa but it can be found in temperate areas around the world today. Kiwano is native to the semi-arid climates of central and southern Africa. Due to its increased popularity, kiwano is now grown in New Zealand, Australia, Israel, United States, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Chile.


Mangosteen has been cultivated in Southeast Asia regions since ancient times. It was introduced during the 19th century in English greenhouses and it was later introduced in Americas particularly in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, and Honduras.

Star Fruit

The star fruit has been cultured in the areas of Southeast Asia for centuries. Asian traders introduced star fruit in other parts of Asia such as India and Sri Lanka and it was later introduced in China, Taiwan, and Oceania. Its popularity enabled it to be introduced in USA, South and Central America, Caribbean and in certain parts of Africa.

If you are looking for rare tropical and exotic fruits, look no further – Exotic Fruits have a wide selection of the finest and tastiest exotic fruits delivered to your door, anywhere in the UK.

Author: Mack Allen

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