A Bookworm is Good, but a Book with Worms isn’t


Books are said to be man’s best friend and those who take up this saying literally are known as “Bookworms”. This word essentially signifies a person who loves to read books. But the largest enemies of the bookworms are the pests that destroy the books. They feed on the pages of the books and eat up the pages bit by bit that is on the book. Therefore to save the books from being the snack of the pests necessary measures and pest control techniques should be applied

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Major Pest Infestation in Books

Mainly old and unused books which are kept in a closed book rack for months are prone to pest infestations. As in closed bookracks, there is no direct touch of sunlight or air, a moist and soggy environment developed. This is due to the stagnant air and heat which serves as the best medium for the pests to lay eggs and convert them into larvae. These pests lay numerous eggs at a time if there is a major pest infestation in any bookshelf. It becomes very difficult to eliminate the pest and recover the books from their attacks. So it is preferred to keep books on open bookshelves and clean them and keep them in the sun. At least once in 2 months. But the most effective way to get rid of book devouring pests is Efficient Pest Management.

Types of Pests that destroy Books

Books probably harbor the most diverse types of pests. Ranging from beetles to termites. All types of pests find a merry time destroying the pages and ruining the books with potential devastation. The pests that are commonly seen to destroy the books are :

• Beetles: They destroy the books from the binding line and goes on to the peripheral region of the pages.

• Termites: They are the most potential destroyers and bite up the entire page whimsically. The uneven pits and holes on the pages of old books are the generous contributions of the termites. In this case, termite control in Kolkata is highly solicited,

• Cockroaches: They generally attack the colored books and use their saliva to decolorize different illustrations and writings on the pages.

• Rats: These rodents snacks on the pages of books mercilessly and besides that spread dangerous pathogens all over the pages.

• Silverfish: Contrary to its name this is an arthropod (Lepisma sp.) that also destroys books. Particularly the part of the pages which are rich in polysaccharides. The uneven borders of the pages of old books are the works of Silverfish.

To get rid of this you are in need of pest control services in Kolkata that can prevent your unnecessary mess.

Prevention of pest infestation in books

The prevention of pest infestation can be done by keeping the books in a clean and dry place, which receives an ample amount of sunlight. To be on the safer side it is advised to keep the books in sunlight. Especially, in open condition once in 2 months or to keep neem leaves in between pages. But these are home remedies that often turn futile in repelling the pests. So, to get rid of the pests from your books you should always consult a professional pest control service and eliminate the unwanted tenants of your books once and for all.


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