Best Flower Presents To Gift Someone On Their Milestone Anniversary

For any couple, wedding anniversaries are a special opportunity to look back and remember the good times they’ve shared, be it over a year or 50! Of course, we assume that without flowers, no anniversary is completed. Did you know that since certain gifts mark each anniversary, so there are a few bouquet online that you should pick for each one, as well? Here is what to choose and what it means to make those choices.

Carnations – For 1st Anniversary

Traditionally, carnations and paper are offered to mark one year of marriage and both can be coupled easily to create a beautiful bouquet. We are sure that we have all encountered some cutting and sticking with craft paper at some point and so here is your chance to do it all again!

Sunflowers – For 2nd Anniversary

Powerful, vibrant, and passionate, all the features of two years of marriage are captured by the sunflower. The sunflower’s sturdy stalk reflects the solid foundation on which the marriage is based. The vibrant yellow petals represent the passion and love that radiate outwards. When gathered together in big, fresh bouquets and fresh flower arrangements, sunflowers look absolutely beautiful. They are a strong sign of faith in what has already been established and anticipation for what is to come.

Calla Lily – For 6th Anniversary

A moment to reflect on the internal light created by the marriage is the sixth anniversary! Over six years, the beautiful and sophisticated calla lily symbolizes all the unique ways that love has grown and evolved. It is legendary that the calla lily has its mysterious source of light within it radiating upwards.

Daffodils – For 10th Anniversary

For this accomplishment, daffodils are the preferred flowers and the traditional gift is tin, both of which can often be found near home, if not in your kitchen cupboard. So, why not recycle and use a tin can as your vase? You will get a stylish modern feel by mixing this with your daffodils and some extra wild foliage.

Peony – For 12th Anniversary

There is an acceptance of the good things in life after 12 years of marriage. And peony represents one of the small pleasures in life. This sophisticated flower is used in significant ceremonies around the world. It symbolizes romance and a happy marriage along with wealth and good fortune. Also, the perfect, lush, and rounded bloom resembles a coin, hence, wealth and money.

Roses – For 15th Anniversary

Roses are associated with romance and passion. You know each other very well after 15 years of togetherness and you have gained the sensual ostentation of the mighty rose. The red rose has now become the iconic emblem of romantic love throughout history, which runs very deeply. So this way rose flowers mean perfect love.

Iris – For 25th Anniversary

Bringing irises and silver together will make a 25th wedding anniversary display very graceful. The irises’ long stems provide room for you to tie thin silver bows to the top of them and let the vase drop over the large floating ribbon.

Gladiolas – For 40th Anniversary

The gladiola is a unique and bright flower that beautifies any place with its amazing beauty. Your relationship is also utterly special and full of its own grace and beauty after forty years of being married. Since its long, slender shape and brightly coloured flowers symbolise the accumulation of all the wonderful thoughts and memories that have changed your lives, the gladiola is the official flower of the fortieth wedding anniversary. Together with a dazzling arrangement featuring the stately beauty of fresh gladioli, celebrate your amazing day together.

Violet – For 50th Anniversary

If you’re going to celebrate your golden anniversary, then congratulations on that big milestone!  Now thinking about which online Lilies delivery you should buy to celebrate 50 years of marriage, then the official flower for the golden jubilee anniversary is purple. Modesty, virtue, faithfulness, understated grace, love, purity and innocence are symbolised by the violet. Fresh flowers feature a selection of amazing anniversary floral arrangements to choose from. But don’t feel like you’re going to wait until a certain year, or even a particular time of year to indulge with bright, exploding blooms. Every day in any year is a beautiful time to give a wonderful floral gift to that special person in your life.

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