Buy High Quality Chains and Binders for Flatbed


There is a large selection of import and domestic ratchet binders, ratchet chain binders, and extras for your flatbed trailer transport needs. The binder ratchet also referred to as load straps, are essential piece for secure transportation hardware. The chain ratchet binder is employed to secure the chain around the cargo, effectively tying it right down to your flatbed. There are many types: transportation chains, winter snow chains, and lever/ ratchet load binders, each with its own fixing device.
Many people choose their style of ratchet binder based on personal preference. If you are still undecided on chains and binders for flatbed industry, there are a lot of online resources to buy them. You can get them in high quality at very low prices.

Transport Chain

Transport chain is primarily utilized in the chains and binders for flatbed industry to tie down and secure loads; however, it’s also useful in industries such as towing, logging, safety, and oil rigging. to make sure you get the right chain for your application, our selection includes standard grade 70 transport chain, also as heavier duty options in grades 80, 100, and 120.

What is chain grade?

Chain grades are specified by the NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) and therefore the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
Their standards define the dimensional, mechanical, and compositional requirements for every chain grade. they’re involved in determining factors like the minimum breaking force required, proof of the steel, elongation, etc. – the mixture of which dictates the chain’s working load limit (WLL), an important consideration when choosing a chain.
To ensure easy identification, chain suppliers are required to obviously mark chain links with their grade at specific intervals: 1-foot for 5/16″ and 3/8” chains and 3-foot for 1/2″ chains.

What is a log chain?

Transport chains are used as logging chains too. Grade 70 chain may be approximately 20% stronger than grade 43 log chain and is a great alternative for added strength and durability.

Chain Binders

Also referred to as load binders, chain binders are essential pieces of tie-down transportation equipment in chains and binders for flatbed industry. They tighten the chain around the cargo, effectively securing it to your flatbed. As a flatbed hauler, you recognize just how important it is that your cargo is secured down safely and tight. For several truckers, transport chains are their go-to securement option. This makes load binders a necessity. We feature two types: ratchet-style and lever-style, each with a special tightening device.

Ratchet Binders

This binder uses a ratcheting mechanism because of the chain tightener. one of its main benefits is that minimal energy is stored in the handle, which reduces the recoil risk. It also requires less operator effort – it takes less force to maneuver the handle, and it’s easier to regulate in finer increments

Lever Binders

A lever binder uses leverage to secure the shipment. While they are doing have a higher risk of recoil and require more operator strength, they need fewer moving parts, making them easier and faster to use.