Ensure Your Best Safety for Tree Climbing


Tree climbing as a job or just for a fun activity can be very dangerous and harmful. We cannot be sure that the tree or its branches are actually strong enough to carry a heavy weight. It is always best to practice activities like these with some sort of gear. Hence, there are now various types of tree climbing spikes that can help you stay safe during such movements. Protection always needs to be the first priority when it comes to heights.

This equipment is very important for tree climbers when they are finding something, cutting them down, trimming them or just as a fun sport, these items are a must. They are very simple but logical. Climbing spikes have metal spikes that attach to the climbers legs. This helps them in getting where they want to go and also help them maintain stable with the highest support.

How to look for good climbing spikes

When it comes in buying anything, researching is the key. By surfing on the net, you will be able to find tons of things that you didn’t even know were important to take into account. It will also give you plenty of ideas of just one small thing and this further helps you in deciding what you want. For items like this, there are 3 main things to consider. The material of the metal, the design of the pads and lastly, the lengths of the gaffs.

Steel, alloy and titanium are the top 3 main materials from which these items are made. Each one have their own benefits and disadvantages. Steel is the greatest material from all the rest of them. Steel will hang on well to the gaffs, shin pads and the leg straps as well. It will give you the best durableness and support for tree climbing. Although, the disadvantage here is that it is said to be heavy than the rest. It may be uncomfortable to some and others might find it hard to lift up their feet or legs while climbing.

The arrangements of the gaffs and shin cushions

The next main thing when you are looking for good equipment is to have the most comfortable shin pads ever. Anything that will protect you and give you comfort are the shin pads. They will provide extra support and will protect your legs at all cost. Therefore, make sure you buy the most softest but stable ones. Their designs is what matters the most.

When looking for gaffs, many people have a lot of confusion as to which one to get. Longer gaffs will help you more in cutting deep into the tree truck whereas, that might not be the case for the shorter ones. Some people might debate and say smaller gaffs work best because it gives a sense of reliability and trust that you can feel your feet and gaffs touching the tree. In the end, it all depends on the buyer and their own preference.