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Digital menu boards are working with commercial displays that digital menu system comprises hardware and software to display dynamic menus on screens. Today, there is a new solution that helps takeaways and restaurants to sell more products with Eye-Catching Digital menu boards.

Benefits of digital signage menu boards

Digital menu boards create more than %30 increase in sales.

Easily changeable and can typically update and promote menu regulations (including ingredients). Since most customers today are conscious of these regulations, you can, therefore, expect such information will become more prevalent in the future.

Helps you start and end your marketing campaigns on time. As well, you can save on time and staffing costs because this solution enables you to access these features remotely. Equally, it also allows your on-site staff to concentrate on core duties.

Since digital menu boards are both attractive and dynamic, they support a positive association for your brand.

Easily change digital menu prices and menu boards

The benefit of a fast-food and takeaways is just that: it’s fast! This means you rely on rapid iteration to keep customer interest. McDonald’s and Burger King is one of the kings of ‘QSR’ (quick-service restaurants) in both their service, but also their digital menu board strategy. Their menu boards are constantly changing and also show timely content, like their breakfast menu highlighting their most popular meals for that time of day. As a franchise, it is up to the franchisee to make these decisions, so having the ability to change menu board content from one location across all screens is a game-changer. 

How to update or create Digital Menu Boards?

Thanks to Screen Moore digital signage software that helps to operate displays and update prices, products anytime anywhere with just one click.

How to buy Digital Menu Boards?

It’s simple and easy with ScreenMoove whether you are in the UK or US we delivery international digital signage menu boards with 2-7 business working days.

How can I install Digital Menu Boards?

Digital menu boards are come pre-installed with a bracket and all the connectors included with one pack, all you need to do measure your signage area and fit the wall or ceiling mounting kit, and plug and play.

Where can I buy Digital Menu Boards?

You can buy Digital Menu Boards from here or if you are in the UK you can visit UK digital menu boards shopping page from here.

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