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When selling residential real estate, another so-called alternative deal chain is often bought. Selling your apartment without a purchase option is risky and nervous. Once you find a suitable option, you start selling your property. If the buyer’s search is delayed, then the sellers of the option you like may not wait for you. In this case, the transfer of the deposit is against you because you can lose it after the expiration of the contract.

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What is it?

  • New address offers a Guaranteed Sale of your property for a specific period and amount, for example, within three months. If the agency has not fulfilled its obligations for sale, it buys out your property at a pre-agreed price.

When is it convenient?

  • You have found an excellent new building, and the developer has given you a calculation date.
  • You know that you will need an amount of money for various purposes (medical treatment, buying a car, moving to another city for a new job). You plan to receive this money by selling your property.
  • You have found a good option in the secondary market, transferred the deposit and are quietly selling your property. If you could not sell, you can get money for the agency’s obligations.

What is the difference between Urgent Buyout?

  • By offering an urgent redemption, many real estate agencies put you in a tight time frame – 2-3 days for the apartment’s calculation and release. The term of an SOE agreement is usually 2-3 months.
  • If you are held for time, you can agree to a lower price. The price is agreed in advance with GP, and the contract comes into force seven days after signing.
  • You continue to sell your property and independently
  • Live in it, attract other agencies for sale.

Advantages of the Guaranteed Sale service

1) You know exactly the date and amount you will receive.

2) If the need for money has disappeared (plans have changed, the problem has been solved without money, the subject of the desired purchase has ceased to please, the move to another city has failed, etc.), then the apartment remains with you.

Why You Need It? It is not so much necessary for us as it is the need of the market. Clients often come to us who cannot sell their homes for 3-4 months with an average exposure of an object on the market for 1-1.5 months. The number of people willing to sell Any Property in the shortest possible time has increased due to deferred obligations. For such clients, we can say: we are confident in our work’s positive result in a short time – thirty days.

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