Gutter Cleaning Services


The weather might be howling outside, yet it really is that time of year when people start to clear their houses, gardens and get ready for that Summer sun. As the night become shorter, many people begin to think about a good Spring clean.

Why do we Spring clean?

Wierdly, the history of Spring cleaning goes back hundreds of years. A number of past societies like the Romans indulged in some post Winter cleaning, but it’s origins can’t really be placed at one cultures door. A good Spring clean is carried out everywhere, from the United Kingdom to the Middle East.

The accepted start of Spring cleaning, is thought to have occured during the Persian new year. On this day many Iranians begin their annual clear out, with it’s official name being “khooneh tekouni” which basically means “to shake ones house” and empty the dust out. There are records of Jew carrying out a similar type of clean too, the Jews call this chemetz which means to clear out old food from your home.

Where do I begin?

Spring cleaning is mostly about clearing that muck and rubbish that you’ve been putting off during the colder months. Things like carpets, curtains and underneath furniture often get a good scrub at this time of year. Every home is unique though, so it’s a great plan to make a list of what needs to be done.

Letting some light in

Many people choose to get a good window cleaner in during the Summer months, or increase the frequency at which their regular cleaner comes. Often, window cleaners are busy during Spring cleaning conservatories and lean to building of muck and moss.

Of course you can clean windows yourself if you have the time.