How Does Commercial Cleaning Work?


Most of us are familiar with residential and office cleaning, but what is commercial cleaning? What’s the difference?

While it may appear apparent at first, knowing what sorts of contract cleaning services are available while looking for one that matches your business is crucial, especially when the globe returns to work in a whole new way.

Contract cleaning comes in a variety of forms.

The following are the most popular cleaning contracts:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

While the difference between home and office cleaning services is pretty clear, the borders are getting increasingly blurred as hybrid and remote working become more widespread. So, to make things nice and clear, let’s go over each form of the cleaning contract.

Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house
Cleaning the house

This is a cleaning contract for residences that the inhabitants sign. Even if you’re a renter, it’ll be a household cleaning contract because you’ve hired the service (like hiring a window cleaner or having an Internet connection installed).

Domestic cleaning includes regular domestic duties such as dishwashing and bedding changes. Domestic cleaners often do activities such as dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

If you now work from home and have a home office, a domestic cleaning contract will still apply to you: that is unless you run a specialized business from home and require the services of a commercial cleaner.

If you are a landlord, hotelier, or building manager who requires communal spaces to be cleaned on a regular basis, this will be considered commercial cleaning, as we shall explain later.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is a catch-all term for cleaning any type of commercial property, from retail to retirement homes.

Commercial cleaners are often adaptable and have a plethora of specialized equipment, such as floor buffers and industrial cleaning tools, but commercial cleaning may also be highly specialized by industry.

Nightclubs and bars, for example, have different requirements than industries, computer centers, and medical clinics. Some business cleaning firms specialize in one or two areas. They can provide the finest outcomes for their client’s needs by investing in specialist cleaning equipment and personnel training.

Office cleaning

This is a specialized form of business cleaning contract – one that we excel at. It is, as the name implies, office cleaning. While this may appear to be a simple chore, offices are actually quite complicated settings. There are sensitive electronics and server rooms, kitchens and restrooms, lifts, stairwells, several surface kinds – and a lot of people who are always on the move.

This creates a difficult environment to maintain clean while generating no interruption.

Foot traffic has a meaningful influence on a company’s bottom line. Even the most durable workplace carpets can grow worn and soiled over time. Professional commercial carpet cleaning can bring them back to life, eliminating the need to replace them as frequently and freshening the appearance, feel, and, yes, even the scent of your business!