Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations: Why You Need a Water Softener


Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can be both an exciting and stressful time. From planning time, to the overall costs – it’s not uncommon to find projects taking longer or costing more than you expected. But at the end of the day – the most important thing is ensuring everything has been completed correctly, making your home improvements future proof and built to last over the years

During the renovation process – it is important to consider your water. If you live in a hard water area, hard minerals and limescale can cause costly damages to your kitchen and bathroom. Perhaps you are currently replacing limescale stained taps, shower screens and sinks. As you are coming to the end of your renovations – the last thing you want is for hard water to start damaging new appliances.

A water softener is a system which is installed under the kitchen sink or by your stop tap. It works by removing hard minerals, and therefore limescale, from your water. Without a water softener, you may find yourself obsessively cleaning and needing to purchase expensive descalers. In just a couple of years, your new kitchen and bathroom, can start to look run down and you may even notice blocked taps and shower heads or a reduced water flow.

Water Softener Benefits on your Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations:

A water softener reduces the build-up of scale in your home, it protects your fixtures and fittings and also home appliances. It can break down existing limescale and can prolong the lifespan of kettles, dishwashers and washing machines by up to 50%. With fewer scale stains on your surfaces, glasses and dishes – you may also find yourself cleaning way less. Not only that, but you reduce the amount of washing powder you need to use and your clothes will be softer to touch.

If you are renovating your bathroom, hard water can cause staining and damage to your glass shower and chrome faucets in a matter of weeks. A water softener can prevent this damage and save you time cleaning. Not only that, but soft water has a great lather with soap. Meaning you can use less showering products in general and enjoy a nice bubble bath.

Which Water Softener is Best?

There are many different types of water softeners. Cheap systems you find online from Water2Buy and BWT are usually more trouble than they are worth, with super high running costs.

Harvey & Kinetico water softeners are the best you can get and usually last a long time. They’re non-electric systems come with 10-year warranties and are the most efficient systems in terms of running costs.

They can be expensive systems to buy – with prices ranging from £1600-£1900. You can get some great discounts from NE Water Softeners and the systems are around £1250, which is the best price we could find online. Although a water softener can be expensive, they can last around 10-20 years. Within that time, they can save you money on energy bills, cleaning products and most importantly – permanent damage to your new renovations. You can read a whole range of water softener reviews from this third-party online review website: