Make The Best Flowchart With 6 Simple Steps


Making flowcharts is indeed a difficult task. It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. This is because an exemplary flowchart simplifies a process, enhances clarity, and communicates ideas better. The problem is that not all tools meet these criteria, which turns the process into nothing short of a nightmare. So what’s the solution? A good diagramming software like EdrawMax.

Where other tools, such as those of Microsoft Office, have numerous limitations, like a small drawing canvas with no digital collaboration, EdrawMax steps in as a life-saver. With its user-friendly interface, the software gives you access to thousands of templates and symbols, helping you make flowcharts in a matter of time. All you need is to follow 6 simple steps. Let’s learn them all.

EdrawMax; The Best Choice For Making Flowcharts

EdrawMax is the best all-in-one tool to fulfill all your diagramming needs. It provides all features in one place to help save your time and make the whole process effortless. For instance, symbols are crucial for flowcharts, and EdrawMax gives you an edge by providing over 50,000+ professionally drawn symbols. All you have to do is drag and drop a few symbols and see your creative ideas come to life.

Where other chart makers focus on one specific chart, EdrawMax not only steps in as a flowchart maker, but also this software can make the best flowcharts, network diagrams, mind maps, and whatnot. Meanwhile, its expertise is broader than just one type of diagram and appeals to a larger audience.

6 Easy Steps To Create A Flowchart In EdrawMax

Making a flowchart with EdrawMax is a piece of cake. Thanks to the variety of features it offers. You don’t need to watch complex YouTube videos to understand it. Just follow these 6 simple steps and make your flowchart like a pro!

1. Sign-up

You can use EdrawMax online for making flowcharts, and download it, depending on your choice. You can download the EdrawMax software for Linux, Windows, and macOS from here. Now, you can sign up to create and use your free account.

2. Create A Flowchart Using A Blank Template Or Canvas

Here, you have two options. You can either use a built-in template to save time and effort or create one from scratch if you want to bring new ideas to life.

Use the Built-in Template

● Go to the EdrawMax

● Select Templates from the left column.

● Search for your required diagram in the Search For Your Template. For instance, typing “org charts” will bring up hundreds of pre-made flowchart examples. To edit a chart, click Use Immediately. It will take your selected chart to the edit screen for customization.

Create a New Flowchart

● Go to the EdrawMax

● On the left side of the navigation panel, click New

● Select Basic Flowchart from the Classification list

3. Include Symbols And Shapes

Once you pick a diagram or template on EdrawMax, related symbols should appear automatically. However, if that’s not the case, go to the navigation panel on the left side and click Symbol Library. In the dialogue box, select Flowchart and then OK. To add more symbols, select Basic Flowchart in Symbol Library. Choose the symbols you want before you drag and drop them on your canvas. If you need a unique symbol, you can also create one for your personal library.

4. Link The Shapes Together With Lines And Arrows

The Connectors tool allows you to link the shapes without difficulty. EdrawMax offers three types of connectors; straight, curved, and freeform. Select the required connector from the Connectors Tab in the Tools box. Now, you can drag the cursor from one shape to another to create an arrow. You can also click the Line and Arrow sign in the top navigation pane for the start or end lines and arrows.

5. Customize The Flowchart Appearance

In order to customize your flowchart to remove clutter and enhance its clarity, there are several features EdrawMax provides. Here are the best of them:

Change Theme

Select the theme icon on the right sidebar to open the Theme Pane. From here, you can change the theme scheme, theme color, connector style, and font type of your flowchart with just one click.

Format Shape

Click the shape you want to edit. It will show the Style, Line, and Fill pane. Customize the shape and color code freely.

6. Export

Once your flowchart is ready, go to the File, select the desired format, and click Export. The best part is that you can export in more than 14 formats, including HTML, PowerPoint, and Excel, etc.

However, if you want to share it with someone who doesn’t use EdrawMax. Go to the File tab and click Share. It will give you an option to copy the URL or HTML code and click the icons for various software programs to share the flowchart.

Unique Features Of EdrawMax

The vast array of features makes EdrawMax a perfect fit for your diagramming needs. Let it be for academic, business, or general purposes; EdraMax promises to help you out. Here are a few features that set it apart from its competitors:

Free Editable Templates

The other best part about EdrawMax is its vast template community. You can access more than 14,000 templates made by professionals and customize them according to your requirements at no cost. Not only this, EdrawMax keeps updating these templates continuously to ensure an endless supply for its users. This not only saves time but also boosts your productivity.

Virtual Collaboration

You can create a cloud workplace to allow your teammates to collaborate with ease. EdrawMax provides an unlimited canvas for collaboration, making the whole working experience extraordinary.

High security

Considering that EdrawMax is an online tool, you might think your designs and data are at risk. But fret not! EdrawMax provides security through protected cloud servers and keeps your data and diagrams safe.

Furthermore, these servers help retain data. So even if you close the software accidentally, your design is recoverable with a single click. So, no more stress over forgetting to save. It’s all automatic now.


EdrawMax, with an easy-to-use interface, vast template community, and thousands of symbols, thrives on being the best. Consider making a flowchart; for instance, you can find numerous templates and symbols drawn professionally. This means more work with lesser effort. Even better, you can access all these features without spending a single penny!