Panel Saw Uses


This article explores the various panel saw uses available to a woodworker. We’ll look at the Elcon DSXE, the TITAN, the Putsch (r) Meniconi, and the KSV-434. Ultimately, the right tool will depend on your needs.


The Elcon TITAN panel saw is equipped with an automatic panel cutting system and a powerful 4kW motor. Its unique cutting system allows you to cut panels both horizontally and vertically. It has a pneumatic infeed to guide the panel board while it is being cut. It also features a touch screen control that gives you clear, precise control of its functions.

The TITAN is equipped with a 300 mm blade and is designed for heavy duty large capacity cutting. The TITAN is highly configurable and features an automatic panel detection and laser line indicator. It is a robust machine that uses modular construction for increased versatility. The machine also features a precision guide bar that is tension free. The high-quality guides are designed for long life, ensuring accurate cuts.

This Elcon panel saw has automatic fence settings and extends vertically and horizontally. It also has a travelling beam saw to cut stationary panels. Its cutting system is automatic, removing support strips as it cuts. It requires no operator input and can be operated pneumatically or electronically.


The Kett Tool KSV-434 Vacuum Panel Saw is a great tool for contractors because it meets EPA lead rules and can be used in conjunction with a HEPA filtered shop vacuum. EPA lead regulations require contractors to use EPA-certified tradesmen and follow detailed work practices to avoid lead exposure. This panelsaws makes plunge cuts through a panel’s center and produces accurate cutouts.

The KSV-434 vacuum panel saw is a high-performance, variable-speed machine with a 5-amp motor. It cuts cold-rolled mild steel, laminate panels, and drywall up to 5/8 inches thick. The saw also features a spring-loaded blade guard. It accepts blades up to 2.5 inches in diameter and can cut up to 1.0625 inches deep.

This machine features an impressive installation size of 795 x 342 x 426mm. It has a weight of 20kg and runs on 220V. It also has a powerful structure that allows it to cut up to 100 mm thick wood panels. With these features, the KSV-434 panel saw is sure to meet the needs of the most demanding of customers.

Safety Speed H-series

The H-series panel saw features a frame size of 10 feet with a maximum crosscut of 50 inches and unlimited rip cut capability. It is the preferred solution for cabinet makers. Its only differences from the H5 and H6 models are the width and crosscut capacity. The H5 and H6 panel saws have a maximum crosscut of 64 inches and 74 inches, respectively. They both have a Milwaukee motor.

The H-Series panel saw uses a three-quarter horsepower, 15-amp industrial saw motor to provide speed and cutting performance. It also comes with zinc-plated guide tubes for smooth cutting. This saw also features a quick changeover from horizontal to vertical cutting modes. In addition, the Safety Speed H-series panel saw uses a long-life frame for maximum durability.

Saw Trax 1064

The Saw Trax 1064 for panel saw uses is a versatile panel saw kit that features a full-size steel frame and a folding stand. The kit is versatile for a wide range of panel saw uses, and it accepts materials up to 8 feet in width and an unlimited length. It features a roller system that allows the sheet goods to feed smoothly and evenly into the saw blade. Its folding stand also eliminates the need to mount the panel saw to a wall and reduces the footprint of your workshop.


The 511 Powermatic panel saw is a high-quality, versatile tool for plywood cutting. It features a powerful worm-drive motor that produces up to 3 horsepower. This saw is equipped with a dust collector system that is designed to trap debris from cutting as well as ensure that the workspace is OSHA-compliant. The saw’s blade has a diameter of 8 inches and its sliding carriage is attached to four pairs of rollers.

The Powermatic 511 panel saw features a welded frame system for maximum stability. The saw’s material roller system, which consists of 10 aluminum rollers, rotates smoothly and provides a square cut. The roller system also ensures that the sheet goods are fed without catching or tearing. When using the Powermatic 511 panel saw, it’s important to take care when loading panels so that you do not knock them out of alignment.

A Powermatic panel saw is the perfect tool for cabinet installers and professionals in the building industry. With a crosscut capacity of 64 inches and an unlimited rip capacity, the 511 is an effective tool for paneling. It also comes with a foldable frame with wheels and an innovative carriage assembly. It can easily cut wood panels up to 1 3/4 inches thick and accepts various blades.