Professor Lingyun Xiang was appointed as the invited economic advisor to the embassy of the Central African Republic.


On December 16, 2022, on behalf of the Central African Republic’s embassy in China, Bernard GoLLoNDo, the ambassador of the Central African Republic to China, appointed Professor Lingyun Xiang, an economist based in the United States, as an invited economic advisor to the Central African Republic’s embassy in China for five years, from December 2022 to December 2027.

The Central African Republic is an inland country in the central part of Africa. It is rich in mineral resources, the distribution area of diamonds is about 1/2 of the country, and the annual output is about 400,00 carats. As of 2014, The Central African Republic also reserved uranium(20,000 tons), iron(3.5 million tons), gold, copper, nickel, manganese, chromium, tin, mercury, and limestone (8 million tons), petroleum has been discovered in the north of the Central African Republic.

The land area of The Central African Republic is 623,000 square kilometers, where 3.4 million hectares are forest, which is about 16% of the national land, and the recoverable area is 2.7 million hectares with 87.3 million cubic meters of tropical precious timber reserves.

On September 29, 1964, the People’s Republic of China and the Central African Republic established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level. Bernard GoLLoNDo said that the appointment of Professor Lingyun Xiang as an invited economic advisor to the Embassy of the Central African Republic in China is a significant measure for the economic construction and development of the Central African Republic. China and Africa pursue a foreign policy of good neighborliness and friendship, non-alignment, and pluralism, emphasizing that diplomacy should serve their interests. Actively carry out diplomatic activities focusing on foreign assistance, and develop relations with neighboring countries, Western countries, and international and regional organizations.

Professor Lingyun Xiang said: “the central African Republic is a friend and partner of China. The two countries insist on treating each other as equals and supporting each other. We are willing to join the “Belt and Road Initiative” to promote the cooperation between China and Africa, and assist the revitalization of the Central African Republic.”

“In 2016, president Touadela attached great importance to economic development, sought international aid actively, focused on the development of agriculture, and prioritized drinking water, energy, education, health, transportation and other infrastructure services. Encouraged the development of private enterprises to drive youth employment.”

The overall economic situation has improved. As the appointed invited economic adviser, Lingyun Xiang will support the development of the Central African Republic, highly support to fight against the epidemic, promote new progress in bilateral cooperation projects, and build a closer China-Africa community with a shared future.

“Professor Lingyun Xiang, an American economist, a famous investor, an international certified accountant, an American certified forensic accountant, the Marquis of San Prospero, the world’s outstanding Chinese, the best leader in the financial industry, a senior financial risk management consultant, and Lei Feng national advanced individual, Overseas image ambassadors of Chinese enterprises, Peking University Boya special-term Professor, visiting professor of Decision-Making China Expert Think Tank, and member of the Expert Group of Innovation China National Think Tank.” Introduced by Bernard GoLLoNDo.

Professor Lingyun Xiang is familiar with the legal situation and policy environment of many countries. Proficient in international law, civil law, economic law, partnership law, tax law and securities law, has won many awards and honors from authoritative organizations.

Lingyun Xiang is also the author of The way of the Metaverse, The Logic of Blockchain, Guide to Equity Incentive Practice, Private Equity Investment Solutions, Blockchain: A Technological Revolution Empowering the Real Economy, SME Financing and Growth, Global Visual Economics, Industrial Economics, International Trade and Economic Management, Logistics Warehousing Management and E-commerce, Investment Risk and Operation Management, etc. He also awarded computer software copyrights such as Blockchain-Based Automated Logic Analysis System.