Third Wave of Vaping Is Coming? An Insight View of VOOPOO’s Third Wave


VOOPOO, a prominent innovator and manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, has initiated the third wave of vaping. From the first wave to the second wave, VOOPOO has always been committed to innovation and bring better experiences. This time, for the third wave, VOOPOO will lead the popularization of open system Pods.

The Third wave leads the popularization of open system PODs

The third wave is coming. but what’s the third wave?It’s the popularization of open system Pods: launching new pods that combines the best aspects of disposable, open-system, and closed-pod system products to provide a new option to users and upgrade user experience. It’s not the first time that VOOPOO has developed a wave. The first wave in 2017 introduced the instant ignition technology which broke the ignition record with 0.025s, and the VOOPOO DRAG series is equipped with this technology. And the second wave in 2019 has brought a new category of all-in-one PODMOD, VINCI series. Now the third wave is coming.

The third wave comes to respond the call of current trend

Focusing on the current trend of the e-cigarette industry, it’s not difficult to find that the third wave is just coming at the right time.

Regulatory policies have become stricter globally, the ban on disposable vapes in France may come into effect at the end of September 24[], and Australia has introduced an e-cigarette reform bill to restrict the importation, distribution, and supply of vapes.[]

Disposable vape brands are often faced with negative public stereotypes. There are frequent incidents of negative brand image, such as trademark disputes, overfilling of e-liquid, and inappropriate marketing to teenagers. The public opinion about the open system pods brand is going to be stable recently.

The environmental protection of disposable vapes has always been the focus of environmentalists, organizations, and governments. For example, environmental organizations in the United Kingdom[], Scotland[], Ireland[], and other regions have proposed to ban disposable products. Some regions have introduced bills to regulate e-cigarette batteries, such as New Zealand on September 23rd 2023, launched new e-cigarette regulations[], the device needs to be equipped with removable batteries.

The third wave brings new vape option combined advantages of various categories

Today’s market looks forward to a new category to follow the trend. So VOOPOO’s third wave comes and brings new option that combined the best aspects of current products to help the popularization of open system Pods .

Open system PODs are under lower regulation risk, and fewer regions directly prohibit open system PODs, and the battery is rechargeable, and the powerful features provide the user with a high level of interaction with the device. And it achieves cost-effectiveness in long-term use.

This new type of POD is more affordable, more portable, and more focused on user experience commitment, such as a return-free policy for cartridge leakage. VOOPOO’s recent “3X Upgrade” top fill cartridge achieves comprehensive upgrades in three aspects: leakage, longevity, and flavor, which sets a new standard for POD products and brings a better vaping experience.

The new type of PODs focused on personalized user experience. Users can choose the e-liquid they prefer and enjoy the DIY through the open system pod while the e-liquid is prefilled on the replaceable pod. And the new replaceable pod from VOOPOO will come soon.

So the new refillable PODs combine the great experience of traditional open-system products, the portability of regular disposable products, and the personalized experience of replaceable pods, as they respond to the call of the current market and lead the popularization of open system Pods.

The third wave brings new innovation energy

The third wave will lead the popularization of open system PODs. VOOPOO brings new refillable pods that combine the best aspects of various categories, including tranditional open system PODs, disposable and replaceable PODs. That new category satisfies the user’s need and imagination of the PODs and brings an upgraded vaping experience. In fact, the newest ARGUS G2 Mini launched by VOOPOO, continues the high performance of the ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2 in terms of leakage prevention and longevity, also enjoys portability and cost-effectiveness.

In fact, the newest ARGUS G2&P2 launched by VOOPOO, equipped with new 3X upgraded cartridge of leakage, longevity, and flavor has already won high popularity. Great news came than that, ARGUS G2&P2 also won the Muse Design Gold Awards and wide appreciation from authoritative media and influencers. So the new ARGUS G2 Mini will come soon, which continues the high performance of the ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2 in terms of leakage prevention and longevity, and also enjoys portability and cost-effectiveness. The growing ARGUS Pod Family, with newly upgraded devices and cartridges, enhances and showcases the dynamic energy of VOOPOO.

For more users to enjoy VOOPOO’s new technology and energy, VOOPOO will launch a worldwide campaign for the new ARGUS Top Fill cartridge, which will cover more than 1,000 stores in total in the UK, France, etc.: Users who purchase an ARGUS G2 or P2 kit will get an ARGUS Top Fill Cartridge for free.

Not only that, the third wave leads the trend again and renews industry category. In fact, VOOPOO has been investing in product R&D worldwide. VOOPOO’s unwavering dedication to technological excellence is evident through a consistent annual 10% investment in research and development. VOOPOO has applied for nearly 2000 impressive portfolio of global patents. The dedication to innovation helps VOOPOO to catch the market and respond to the call with its new category, so as to lead the popularization of open system PODs and bring new category options.

The third wave is coming now. Catching the current time and responding to the call of the market, VOOPOO leads the third wave of popularization of open system PODs. Take a step again, this time for the third wave of vaping, VOOPOO will leads the trends and brings new category option.


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