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Why your products are so cheap?

Often visitors and buyers of printed circuit boards wonder why our printed circuit boards are so cheap and if we secretly sacrifice quality to achieve a low cost. Of course not! RushPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer platform dedicated to bringing together the best PCB Manufacturer in UK and offering the best service to our customers. Our printed circuit boards are of the highest quality certified by international organizations.

Why the PCBs we offer are the cheapest?

RushPCb has established strong and reliable relationships with many experienced PCB manufacturers in UK, who provide our customers with different price and lead time options, as well as make prices more competitive and beneficial. In this way, customers can place orders at the cheapest and best price.

We develop a transparent system that makes the entire buying process available to customers. With this method, there are no hidden buying costs and customers will get the cheapest PCB manufacturing price.

RushPCB employs many professional and experienced engineers to serve our clients. They will offer valuable advice on PCB design and manufacturing to keep costs down for customers by offering them the lowest prices with the highest quality.

Our company constantly provides discounts on printed circuit boards. This is a special service for students and hobbyists who cannot afford the high cost of printed circuit boards. They can enjoy great value by placing their orders in RushPCB.

LED printed circuit boards at RushPCB

Many clients rely on Circuits to design, prototype, manufacture, and assemble their LED PCB designs with flawless precision. Not only do we guarantee our clients the satisfaction of getting work done right the first time, every time, but we also offer some of the fastest lead times in the UK.

What is an LED PCB?

LED PCBs are special types of PCBs designed for use in a wide variety of lighting modules and applications. Several lights emitting diodes (LEDs) are mounted on a PCB to form a complete circuit, allowing full control over their behavior using various types of ICs or switches.

What are they used for?

Countless industries and applications rely on LED PCBs to drive lighting arrays in a variety of devices and installations. Common examples include:

  • Automotive lighting
  • Street and tunnel lighting
  • Indicators and display panels utilized in telecoms devices and computing
  • Torches, flashlights, and work lamps
  • Signal lighting
  • Medical room and device lighting

LED PCB Board Manufacturer UK has several distinct qualities and characteristics that make them particularly suitable for this kind of application. Among the most important:

  • Economy – LED components are fairly cheap to buy and very efficient to run
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Low power draw
  • Low profile, lightweight
  • Fairly resistant to the impacts of dirt and moisture entrance

Versatile – highly programmable, and sold in a diverse array of colors/sizes