Top 10 Banquet Chair Manufacturers in the USA


If you want to order banquet chairs in the USA, it would be best to have the basic information about some best manufacturers. In the following, we have enlisted the top 10 banquet chair manufacturers in the USA to help you choose one:

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  1. Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture offers outstanding service by providing a number of high-quality and best-designed furniture items, including banquet chairs. The manufacturer’s professional furniture designers also help the customers to choose the items that fit their budget, requirements, and location the best. 

From the bedroom to the banquet furniture, all of their products are shipped directly from the manufacturers to your doorstep. The manufacturers ship the articles to their clients in 48 contiguous United States. You can also obtain discounts on bulk orders.

So, if you are looking for intricate banquet chairs in the USA, do not forget to consider the Flash Furniture.

  • Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture

Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture is yet another brand name that continues to win its customers’ trust with its exclusive banquet furniture.

The most promising feature of this manufacturer is that, along with many signature chair designs available, they can make you custom banquet chairs that compliment your banquet décor.

If you want to place big orders of customized banquet chairs in the USA, you could not find a better option than Lion’s Wood Banquet Furniture.

  • Shelby Williams 

Shelby Williams is a banquet furniture provider based in Newport, United States. This privately held banquet furniture company provides the chairs that withstand the rigorous pressure of exceptionally heavy usage, apart from just being beautiful in presentation. 

With a highly professional team of furniture designers and an up-to-date banquet furniture collection, you need not look around if you are thinking of ordering some wonderful and durable banquet chairs at a reasonable price.

  • Suren Space

If you are a USA resident, you must have heard about the Suren Space. Talk about home décor or banquet furniture; Suren Space holds its name with pride. Suren Space is among the USA’s most trusted banquet furniture providers with a fantastic team of specialized furniture designers. 

Above all, Suren Space provides you with customized designs if any readily available banquet chair collection does not fit your demands well. So, if you are from the US looking for the best banquet chair manufacturers, Suren Space will surely meet your expectations and needs.

  • MityLite

MityLite is an international manufacturer of highly durable and professionally designed banquet furniture items. An award-winning company specializing in banquet, event, and meeting furniture for three decades, MityLite furniture items maintain their trust level worldwide.

So, if you do not want to take chances while placing bulk orders for banquet chairs, you must trust some experienced manufacturers for the purpose. No other manufacturers can exceed the standards set by MityLite in terms of updated designs, durability, customer support, and affordability. Providing the customized plans to suit your requirements is another plus of the MityLite.

  • Bassett Home Furnishings Cherry Hill

Bassett Home Furnishings Cherry Hill is a trusted home and banquet furniture manufacturer based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The company takes pride in designing the outdoor living collection with phenomenal construction quality and materials, just like it holds its trust in indoor furniture manufacturing. 

Over time, the company has gained and sustained the trust of thousands of satisfied clients. The design and quality of banquet furniture this company provides are unparalleled in entire New Jersey. So, if you want to order banquet chairs in New Jersey, Bassett does not let you look for other options.

  • Hudson’s Furniture

Hudson’s furniture is a popular provider of home and banquet furniture items in Florida. The manufacturers are remarkable in the quality and designing of both indoor and outdoor furniture articles. 

Hudson’s Furniture has the best furniture designers who take care of the design and durability at the same time. You can choose the design of your choice from an up-to-date and trendy collection of banquet chairs.

If you are looking for an appealing and durable banquet chair option anywhere near or in Florida, US, do not miss out on Hudson’s Furniture items.

  • Midas Event Supply

Midas Event Supply is an excellent manufacturer providing a wide range and quality event furniture articles. This furniture supplying company based in Ontario is continuously winning the trust of its customers with amazingly durable and beautiful designs. 

So, if you want to order banquet chairs anywhere near Ontario, Midas Event Supply Company will provide you a matchless quality of products, that too at an affordable cost. The quality and design of this company are more fabulous than you could ask for!

  • The Chiavari Chair Company

The Chiavary Chair Company is a Hialeah-based furniture manufacturer which provides a wide variety of banquet chairs. The type and styling this company offers are beyond your imagination.

From wood chairs to resin chairs, from cross-back chairs to clear chairs, what other variables could you ask for? The most vital thing to consider here is that this company specializes in chair manufacturing with the world’s best furniture designers who do their best to achieve perfection.

If you want to order banquet chairs in the USA, you could not ask for a better option than the Chiavari Chair Company.

  1. Northland Furniture

Northland Furniture is yet another trustworthy furniture manufacturer in Bend, Oregon. The manufacturers take pride in making furniture items from home-sourced materials. 

The company’s staff carefully inspects the custom-crafted items for consistency, accuracy, and quality. The furniture designing specialists ensure that every step of the manufacturing receives the consideration and attention it needs. 

To keep up with modern era technology, the manufacturers use computer-controlled machines to manufacture and design the case goods and ensure rigorous quality checks at all the manufacturing process steps.

If you are searching for an up-to-date collection of banquet chairs in the USA, do not miss considering Northland.

We expect that the list mentioned above of top banquet chair manufacturers in the USA helps you out to choose the one that meets your requirements the best.