Choosing the ideal chair may not be as simple as it seems. Maisonvide offers you a thoughtful collection of luxury armchairs that seamlessly blend soulful design and exceptional comfort since there is no other way to do it! These brand-new armchairs, which are appropriate for living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, capture the essence of premium design and successfully combine comfort and flair. Go through them all to choose your favorite luxurious armchair!


This piece of modern design draws inspiration from the Sarsen family, whose sandstone blocks may be found in great numbers in the United Kingdom. These are the stones that make up the mysterious and historic Stonehenge. The Sarsen Armchair’s sleek and streamlined design and textiles with stone-like tones were selected for a contemporary and minimalistic appeal. Excellent single-tone boucle upholstery with a rich texture that is distinguished by fine stitching. Adding the exquisite granite stone provides a last, unique, and opulent touch.


With a broad and refined foot that flawlessly matches the style of the fabric used in the arms, sitting, and back, the Evaluna Armchair is all that and more. The armchair’s contemporary design is defined by its clean lines, which are supplemented by a play on textures and textiles.


The exquisite rocking chair Cuddle was created with the goal of recreating the cozy, calming sensation that comes from having a parent figure in your life. The Cuddle Rocking Chair’s curved shape gives it an organic, contemporary appeal, and the boucle upholstery on the back and seat pays tribute to the feeling of sitting on our parents’ laps. Once your youngster drifts off to sleep, rock your chair (and maybe you too). You probably struggle to think of anything that is more adoring and caring than a parent’s close hug.


The Fractal Logo Armchair is a stylish leather armchair that emerges as a strong character from the beauty of disorder, created by the Maisonvide Collection in collaboration with Luis Mercader. A fractal is an endless pattern that loops back on itself.


The exciting idea for Xenon Armchair comes from family members and transports you to the glam late 1970s New York streets. You will feel as if you are sitting in the clouds because of its softness and rounded low lounge appearance. For your living room, bedroom, or home office, this custom armchair by Draga & Aurel can be the ideal accent piece.