Top Features of Magic Corner Kitchen Cabinet


Most of us live in accommodations with small kitchens, some have the luxury of top shelves while others do not. However, one common feature in all kitchens are the counters in a corner. Due to difficulty in getting through tight spaces these corner spaces are left empty. REJS magic corner kitchen cabinet is the way to use this lost space. The magic corner kitchen cabinet has a simple design yet it is packed with top notch features. It was designed to get maximum use out of your hidden area.

Magic Corner Kitchen Cabinet Features

Large Storage

There are a total of four trays in every set. These wire trays range in different sizes depending on your corner kitchen cabinet area. The wire rack can hold irregular shaped utensils easily. If you plan to store different items and keep them separated, additional dividers are provided in each set.

Safe and Secure Storage

The wire racks ensure that your items will not move around as you pull out or push in the magic corner kitchen cabinet. The racks have a granite non-slip bottom. The bottom stays fixed to the wire tray and protects your products. You can easily store expensive crockery and cutlery without fear of damage or breakage.

Height Adjustment

The tray heights of the magic corner kitchen cabinet can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. They are holes in the guides to insert your tray holders. The set includes small locking devices for these holes to fix the tray in its place and prevent them from falling out.

Carry Heavy Loads

We own a variety of kitchen electronics and to keep the counter empty some have to be kept inside shelves. Storing heavy electronics in top cabinets is difficult plus there is fear of the machines falling out and causing injury. Instead store such electronics in bottom shelves. Magic corner kitchen cabinets can carry loads of up to 25kg. They slide out smoothly and evenly with all this load.

Easy To Maintain

Cleanliness is essential in every kitchen. The REJS magic corner kitchen cabinet is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The steel wire structure prevents rusting. The granite bottom can be removed easily and washed in the sink. The wire rack can be wiped with a towel to remove dust or dirt if required.

With all these amazing features, order your REJS magic corner kitchen cabinet today.