What are the common symptoms for which I can consult a General Physician online?


In this modern day and society, everything is within our grasps. This includes the medical sector. We can contact doctors online and even get medications delivered to our doorstep. This advancement can help citizens that have difficulty in getting to a healthcare centre or are scared to leave their homes due to the current pandemic. This method also helps reduce significantly the waiting time in government hospitals for common diseases and consultation. The downside is that not all diagnosis can be treated online. Some need further examinations and laboratory investigations to confirm the suspected diagnosis. Generally the common symptoms that you can consult a doctor online are as follows :


When a fever is present, it indicates that you are having an infection somewhere around or in your body. Normally fever tends to subside by itself within a few hours or even days but if the infection is serious, you will notice the fever tends to get worse and accompanied with several other symptoms as well such as flu/phlegm/cough/pain. When other symptoms are present together with your fever, antibiotics are usually prescribed to help assist in curing you.

2.General Questions

General questions are also welcomed wherever you are asking or consulting a doctor online. If you have questions about your medications, vaccinations, duration of disease, prognosis you can consult the doctor. It helps reduce time as you wouldn’t need to travel all the way to the clinic or hospital because you are just one click away from reaching a doctor. You can contact a doctor today at Doctoroncall. Doctors are readily available to assist you throughout the day.


You can consult doctors and specialists online at Doctoroncall website to ask anything regarding your pregnancy, from diet to medications and supplements. This is very important for new mothers as they are embarking their journey to be a mother for the very first time thus needing all the help they can get. Knowing help is just a click away will help assure them. For womens who are not pregnant, you can contact the doctors too if you are experiencing any side effects from oral contraceptives, IUD, vaginal discharge, etc. You can also ask the doctors regarding your cycle if your experiencing issues with it.


Cough is one of the most common symptoms people have. Everyone experiences coughs a few times throughout their lifetime. Cough normally appears due to obstruction of the airway passage, foreign objects in the air canal, choking, GERD, medical heart issues, gastrointestinal tract issues, excessive buildup of phlegm in and around the bronchi tract. Coughing helps by clearing the path and removing the obstruction so that we can breathe efficiently. Ideally, coughing is not serious and normally treated easily, but in rare cases, coughing might be an early sign of something more serious and requires emergency treatment. You can contact doctors online at Doctoroncallif you’re experiencing coughing and to make an early assessment on your condition.


Too much intake of vitamins and minerals is bad for our body. It can cause our body to go into a toxic state as there are too many vitamins and minerals circulating in our body and are not excreted out at the right time. And because of this, our organs work harder in order to remove the excess minerals and vitamins so that it will not affect our organs. That is why, you should consult our doctors in order to make sure you are taking the right dosage of supplements and the right amount your body needs.

In conclusion, these are some of the common symptoms that you can consult your doctors about. Remember, health is wealth and you should not be worried or afraid to speak to your doctor regarding your issues, after all that’s why doctors are there for. You can contact our doctors online without the need of leaving the comfort of your home and office online at Doctoroncall.