Who *is* the boyfriend of Mia Malkova, exactly?


One of the most well-liked adult film actresses on the internet is Mia Malkova. She has been in the business for a while and has a substantial social media and Twitch following. Malkova regularly updates her Instagram page, and because of her consistent appearance in her pictures, many have surmised that she is in a relationship.

Fans of Malkova have been supportive of her new lover and the happiness he seems to provide her because she has been open about her previous relationships, which included a marriage to another adult film actress.

Let’s explore Malkova’s past love relationships and the identity of her current partner.

Malkova’s difficult union

From 2014 till 2018, Mia Malkova was wed to adult film actor Danny Mountain. During the marriage, she didn’t say much, but when the divorce was finalized, she was eager to talk about how the marriage didn’t work out.

The two performers’ apparent lack of intimacy in real life was the main issue. She stated on the Touchy Subject podcast, “The reason I was so unhappy is because he had very severe intimacy issues, and so he never came on to me, and never wanted to have sex with me, and that lasted for years.”

Malkova continued by saying that she felt uncomfortable and insecure because of Mountain’s apparent lack of interest in her off-screen life. She recalled, “I used to cry to him every single week and tell him that I loved him but that I wasn’t happy and that I would never be happy and that this wasn’t going to change.”

prosperous career

After her divorce, Malkova briefly went unmarried, although she has since remained one of the highest-earning actors in the adult film business. She said to writer Louis Theroux that she lives in a $4 million (£3.03 million) “castle” in Portland, Oregon, and receives between $150,000 and $250,000 (£113,000 to £189,000) a month from her work in adult films.

It was disclosed in Theroux’s documentary series Forbidden America that Malkova can make a significant portion of this money at home. He said, “A performer with ten years of experience, Mia Malkova works virtually exclusively from home these days.” “Taking pictures with her boyfriend and posting them on social media every day.”

Malkova is thought to be worth $800,000. This wealth has been accumulated via a variety of channels, including adult film production, podcasting, and OnlyFans. Given her enormous 10.6 million Instagram followers, it makes reasonable that she also signs sponsorship deals on social media.

Who is the boyfriend of Malkova?

Rich Campbell was Malkova’s most recent romantic partner. Campbell, a Twitch streamer, gained notoriety as one of OTK’s founders. As recently as December 2022, there were multiple references to the couple’s relationship; nonetheless, 2023 has been a difficult year for Campbell. He resigned from his role at OTK after being accused of many sexual assaults.

Campbell released the following statement: “I’ve read the accusations made against me today.” “I need to gather my thoughts before I relate the story from my point of view. At OTK’s request, I have resigned from my job, and I have done so. I’ll give you an update shortly.

Whether Campbell and Malkova are still together in 2023 is unknown. For a number of months, neither side has discussed their relationship status.