All You Need To Know About Ceiling Fan in a Bathroom


Summers may be uncomfortably hot, particularly in locations with high humidity. People rush to buy new air conditioners and ceiling fans under severe weather conditions. Furthermore, bathroom fans are in great demand since it might be difficult to stand in the bathroom without entirely sweating.

Make sure you evaluate the sort of space you have in your bathroom before hiring an electrician in Burnaby and getting a bathroom exhaust fan. While most bathrooms have windows through which you can put an exhaust fan, others do not, which means you may need to consider a ceiling fan in a bathroom. This site will teach you all you need to know about bathroom ceiling fans.

The Advantages of Using a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The main reason for installing a bathroom fan is to eliminate moisture and humidity from the bathroom, which is often created by hot water used for bathing. If your bathroom is very humid, you may feel stifled and struggle to breathe properly.

Furthermore, having a bathroom fan removes any odors as well as fumes created by cleaning products used to clean the toilet or other bathroom fixtures. You’ve probably noticed that the bathroom mirror is cloudy and you can’t see anything. The steam and moisture from the bathroom will be evacuated by the bathroom exhaust fan, preventing fog from collecting on the glass.

Last but not least, the dampness in your bathroom may promote the formation of mildew and mould, which can damage the walls and bathroom fixtures. Furthermore, it might be harmful to your health. As a result, installing an exhaust fan in each bathroom is critical.

Outdoor ceiling fans may be installed in bathrooms.

A ceiling fan may be put in the bathroom to keep it airy and to avoid mould and mildew development in the bathroom’s walls and corners. Outdoor ceiling fans are considerably simpler to instal in bathrooms than exhaust fans, and you can place them directly over the bathtub or shower area to decrease the most moisture after you take a shower.

If you want to obtain extra lighting fixtures for your bathroom as well as a ceiling fan, you may purchase one of those ceiling fans with lights and kill two birds with one stone.

However, there are numerous reasons why a ceiling fan in a bathroom might be inefficient. To begin with, if your bathroom lacks a window, a ceiling fan will be ineffective in reducing moisture. Then you must instal a bathroom exhaust fan. On the other hand, if your bathroom has a window, it will assist to pull away moisture with the aid of a ceiling fan.

How Do I Put in a Bathroom Fan?

If you need an exhaust fan installed, there is no better way to go about it than by contacting an electrician in Burnaby, who will not only handle the installation but also manage the wiring properly. We’ll go through how an electrician installs a ceiling fan.

First, the Burnaby electrician will drill a reference hole in the soffit ceiling. The hole will be drilled using a 3/8″ spade bit. After that, they will go up into the attic and remove any insulation in the area. The electrician will next measure and mark the area where the ceiling exhaust fan will be installed.

Once this is completed, use a jigsaw to cut off the area for the ceiling fan in a bathroom. The electrician next inserts the fan into the hole after connecting a duct elbow to the outlet port on the fan housing’s corner. The foil duct tape holds the fan in place.

Following that, the fan is secured to the joists using 1.5″ drywall screws, and a duct hole is cut into the wall where the exhaust fan’s output will be directed. Finally, the exhaust duct is secured to the wall cap, which is affixed to the wall. Finally, the electrician connects the cables to the electrical system.

Once this is completed, they will install the grille in front of the exhaust fan, and your job will be completed. You may now regulate the exhaust fan using a switch. Connectors for Soldering

That’s all there is to it when it comes to installing a soffit ceiling exhaust fan in your bathroom. Before making any decisions, make sure you know which fan is appropriate for your bathroom and if it can be placed. It is generally better to seek the advice of an electrician in Burnaby for this reason, as they can also assist you in selecting the appropriate ceiling fan in a bathroom.