Benefits on Fasting in Ramadan


This month known as Ramadan is blessed with many blessings and benefits. The benefits of fasting include the benefits of health and purification.

Ramadan is a once in a year event and is an only once in the year opportunity to the geeks who wish to connect with Allah to strengthen their relationship with Allah and purify their hearts and Souls. When you observe a fast during Ramadan, the month that is holy. Ramadan you are restricted to avoiding certain normal routines, like drinking or eating. These actions, in a part, are responsible for your lack of involvement in actions that can be beneficial for Allah SWT’s delight. It is advisable to better your tajweed via Online Quran classes or read at home.

Improvements are made to your Praying Habit

If you don’t conduct a prayer for the congregation, you have the greatest chance that you’ll be making errors during prayer. One of the major benefits of fasting is that Muslims attempt to remain punctual during prayer. Therefore, if you are visiting the mosque to offer the congregational prayer there are three major benefits to fasting.

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You can get better when you make errors in praying.

There are a lot of the people who pray there and the reverence of Allah creates a new place in your heart. There is always an opportunity to gain knowledge as you learn about duas and also answer your religious questions by asking someone with the relevant knowledge.

Natural process to purify your soul

If you are fasting during Ramadan it is very easy to break your habits that aren’t working. You’re closer to Allah SWT when you fast So, you attempt to conduct yourself in ways that are pleasing to Allah SWT. It is a natural process to purify your soul by focusing on good thinking and actions. You are so aware of every action you take. You are concerned about all that causes Allah unhappy. Therefore, Ramadan is where your soul is purified.

Purifying the spirit during Ramadan

One of the most beneficial advantages of being fasting during Islam and purifying the spirit during Ramadan is to read the Quran which is among the most beneficial activities one can take part in. Messenger of Allah once stated

“Whoever is able to recite the Qur’an is granted (knowledge that) prophet hood in his the ribs (bosom) regardless of whether Divine Revelation has not been delivered to him. It’s not right for one blessed with the Qur’an one should be astonished by the angry and should not engage in any act of ignorance towards people who are ignorant when the Speech is that of Allah Almighty is inside his chest.”

This Hadith is clear about how impressive it is to read this Quran and how it cleanses your soul.

A polite manner

A polite manner of conduct is among the greatest benefits that one can get when they are quick. Allah will forgive you when you do not obey him on your Toba! However when it comes to His creatures Allah can grant Jabbar and Qahar.

If you inflict harm on any creature of Allah SWT He is angry. Repentance won’t work until the person who you hurt caused harm to. Unfortunately, we can accidently or intentionally and then take it for granted.

If you observe a fast during Ramadan to stay in a more intimate relationship with Allah and gain his companionship and companionship, you are more aware of serving others. You aren’t prone to saying negative words to your neighbors and speak about them with respect. You are a soft-hearted person and make everybody who is around you happy.

Find a closer relationship with Allah

You get up at midnight to eat your meal of Suhur after which you repeat the Quran until Fajar Salat is offered. Some of you prepare to work while others are going to school. When you return at night, the next step is to say the Quran for the second time, and then cook food for breaking the fast. Then, you pray and get ready your home for Prayer of Taraweeh! The time is brief but well-organized. This keeps you from unnecessary pursuits and helps you get closer to Allah. The purest of purity is assuredly from Allah. Find a closer relationship with Allah and enjoy the advantages of the practice of fasting.