How Do Pests Affect the Value of Your Home?


Do you work in property development or real estate? Then read this article to learn how pests reduce the value of your house. Pests will infest any disused or aged structure, causing significant structural damage.

According to one poll, Americans spend more than $50 million each year to repair for termite structural damage. Domestic pests and insects do not create a sanitary atmosphere, but eliminating them will raise the value of your house.

Pests that might cause damage to your house

There are many bugs and insects in human living places, but just a few varieties can cause serious structural damage. Some of them include,

Mice and rats

Rodents that gnaw are referred to be rats and mice. These rats can gnaw almost anything, including metal. They can eat metal wire, food goods, wood, paper, and even plastics, which is why they cause so many short circuits.

Though rats eat frequently, they also leave droppings frequently, and rat droppings include various harmful compounds that can cause health problems. The damages produced by rats and mice varies, yet they can cause harm to all of your home’s properties.


Squirrels are the most adorable creatures, and you may watch their antics. But what if they get into your house? Squirrels are rodents that may potentially cause harm to your property and yard.

These animals also chew because their teeth grow quickly and they need to nibble to stop the formation of teeth. Squirrels may gnaw through any material in your home, including wood, paper, and metal cables.

They frequently break into your home to steal food and find a safe haven. They reproduce frequently, making it difficult to eradicate the infestation quickly.

Ants and termites

Termites are wood-eating insects that like chewing on wood. It is critical to avoid their presence in order to prevent harm to your home. These termites can eat through any type of wood, paper, cellulose, plastic, or cardboard.

Ants are a unique species with several subspecies. Not all ant species may cause harm to your home, but carpenter ants can cause damage to wooden structures by excavating holes. They will not chew wood, but will create a secure haven for themselves.

Beetles on Carpet

Carpet beetles are more common in the United Kingdom, and they may harm any fabric item, including carpets, couches, and clothing, as well as your bed. Many house insurance policies exclude carpet beetle infestations, which are difficult to eradicate. They can chew through silk, wool, leather, draperies, and even book bindings.


Some of the most harmful insects that may be found in human dwellings are described above. Not only that, but there are several insects such as woodworms, wasps, hornets, and certain birds such as pest seagulls that can depreciate the value of your property.

It is important to safeguard your house with insurance, but make sure the coverage covers insect damage. To permanently remove pests, it is important to hire a Pest Control London.