Willie Falcon’s 2023 net worth includes his age, height, weight, education, career, marriage, family, and number of arrests and scandals.


Astrid Falcon Total Worth: American speedboat racer, drug dealer, internet celebrity, and media star Willie Falcon goes by several aliases. After being detained in 1991 for dealing 70 kg of cocaine, he rose to national prominence. Willie Falcon founded a number of administrative businesses. He works for a private construction company as well. His accomplishments include victories in high-speed auto racing. 

Let’s learn more about Willie Falcon’s background, including his nationality, arrest history, arrest record, age, weight, height, education, career, wife, kids, and family.

The Net Worth of Willie Falcon

He made a fortune from his drug deals and ventures. He was able to lead an opulent lifestyle due to his fortune. His resorts, yachts, and elegant bars are well-liked social hubs. He surely earns between $200,001 and $250,001 a year from the sale of drugs. He received payment for his construction and real estate ventures as well. In 2023, Willie Falcon’s estimated net worth is between $45 and $55 million. See also: Nicholas Crown’s 2023 Net Worth

Willie Falcon: who is he?

In addition, Willie Falcon co-founded management companies. In addition, he conducts business with a private construction firm. Not content with that, he also competed in and won multiple high-speed car races. “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami” is a miniseries that is also accessible on Netflix. It is based on the story of Sal Magluta and Falcon. According to the sources, a book titled “The Corporation” was also released that details the events in Augusto Willie Falcon’s life.

Age of Willie Falcon

In 2023, he attained the age of 68.

Astrid Falcon Height and Mass

He is 1.78 meters (5 feet 8 inches) tall.

His weight is sixty-six kg.

Augusto, the Willie Falcon Family willie falcon net worth has not shared a lot of details regarding the Falcons, his parents. His mother was in charge of maintaining the family home, while his father operated a small business in the town where he was born and reared. Willy and his mother shared a strong bond.

Additionally, there is a brother named Gustavo Falcon. After 26 years on the run, Gustavo—a fellow drug dealer—was apprehended and given an 11-year prison sentence. Falcon is a citizen of Cuba at the moment. The accounts state that when they discovered he was an American citizen, the American officials were taken aback. His ancestry is mixed-race and ethnic.

Willie Falcon’s Wife and Kids

He and Alina Rossique are married. Their three children are Jessica Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and William Falcon. His spouse is similarly committed to her husband and family, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Despite the challenges they face on a daily basis, Willie Falcon and their children manage to show each other love and support.

Sadly, Alina was shot and died as a result of a horrible incident. That makes her 34 years old. In August 1992, Alina was killed in a beauty salon in Coral Gables. Her sudden death, which stunned the neighborhood, is still unsolved. Willie Falcon, who was charged with her murder, was freed from prison and is now seeking revenge for his wrongdoings.

Police Arrest of Willie Falcon

In 1979, he received his first prison sentence for engaging in small-scale drug trafficking alongside Sal Magluta. He was sentenced to five years of house arrest and a fourteen-month jail term. Throughout the hearing, their counsel sought to put off the lawsuit for a maximum of ten years. In less than ten years, they established the largest cocaine operation on the East Coast.

Furthermore, Falcon evaded the authorities on multiple occasions. He and Magluta were both jailed in 1991. Their plan was to fulfill their agreement to sell 75 tons of cocaine for approximately USD 2.1 billion. Throughout the hearing, the judge’s office was unable to prove their guilt.

After investigating Willie and Sal’s financial affairs, the US Attorney’s Office found that all of the judges had been bought off. All of the judges, lawyers, and members of the bar were punished as a result. After nearly ten years of hearings, Falcon filed an appeal and was found guilty, receiving a 14-year prison sentence.

Career of Willie Falcon

Together, Falcon and Sal Magluta founded the construction company. He oversees the administrative division as well. These businesses were founded as a means of protecting illicit funds. In addition, he took part in numerous speedboat races. Even though he frequently finished second in group races, he frequently won with Magluta.

Willie left college early to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Along with his best friend Sal Magluta, he began trafficking marijuana, but as he became more proficient, he moved on to cocaine. They include nearly all of Florida when combined. Falcon tries to reach a compromise with the client. He is inundated with offers as a result of his captivating demeanor and skill at communication.

After the auction, Magluta went over the process for purchasing and promoting the goods. He assessed the risks involved as well. They quickly purchased medicine for the entire country from the Medellin cartel. During the 1970s and 1980s, they established a massive global cocaine corporation.

Willie Falcon Issues and Debates

In April 1991, a federal grand jury charged Magluta and Falcon for narcotics trafficking offenses, including operating a continuing criminal operation believed to be bringing in and distributing around 75 tons of cocaine. Falcon was represented by Albert Krieger and Susan Van Dusen, D. Bobby Wells, aka Robert.

Roy Black, Martin Weinberg, and Richard Martinez—Magluta’s brother-in-law—represented his business partner Magluta. Following an extended trial, Magluta and Falcon were declared not guilty by Judge Federico Moreno. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm without authorization in 1997.

Following their conviction in 1996, the US Attorney’s Office launched an investigation into Magluta and Falcon’s financial situation, which eventually turned up evidence of jury bribery, including the foreman of the jury. Magluta, Falcon, several jurors, their associates, and a few of their attorneys were all accused of crimes as a result of their actions.

In 2003, he agreed to enter a guilty plea to one count of money laundering, which included a 20-year term. In 2017, ICE arrested him as soon as he was freed. When he was eight years old, he was returned to the Dominican Republic.

Unknown Facts About Willie Falcon

  • Sal and Billy go by “Los Muchachos,” which translates to “the Young Bucks” in Spanish.
  • He uses boats or airplanes to carry the majority of his cocaine.Furthermore, they created a route for smuggling into Mexico.
  • Sal Magluta, his friend, was found guilty and sentenced to 195 years in prison.
  • Willy Falcon’s brother, Gustavo Falcon, ran a drug-dealing business with an estimated US $2 billion in revenue.