Challenges Faced by Doctors on a Daily Basis


Being a doctor is not a piece of cake at all. People think that doctors have a perfect life, where they are paid well and are respected; however, the ground realities are quite opposite. Yes, the medical field does offer a handsome pay package, and respect is obligatory for any individual who is working hard for the survival of mankind. But doctors have to face several challenges, from getting admission into a medical college, to having a strenuous study schedule, and hospital hours; the road to earning respect isn’t easy for doctors.

If you are a doctor or know someone around you who is a doctor, then you should be aware of their struggles and challenges as well; which are briefed in this article.

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Sacrificing Self-Time

Every human needs some time for one’s own self. Rest is essential for everyone and without proper rest time, one cannot function properly. However, doctors often have to sacrifice their personal time for the sake of their patients. Especially specialized doctors like surgeons, emergency duty doctors, or gynecologists can be called over for the patient at any time irrespective of day or night. Doctors have hefty schedules, and taking a break is quite a long procedure for them.

Payment Delays

One works hard to make a living and thus payments should be done on time for every working person. For doctors, it is common to observe payment delays from the patients’ side. Many people who come under emergency situations get medical treatment on humanitarian grounds, but they often never pay the hospital or doctor’s fee in time. Asking for due payment from the patient can create an embarrassing situation for the hospital and the doctor. The Medical Debt Collection Agency is now helping doctors to get paid on time without feeling awkward.

Managing Inventory

A hospital or even a clinical setup needs several small items for daily use like needles, syringes, bandages, sterile water, etc. These items might seem trivial to a common man, but for a doctor, these inventory items are very important. Many doctors report that keeping a check on these inventory items and managing these is a difficult task because these are often mishandled by the staff as well as by patients and thus keeping a record of the usage of inventory becomes difficult on a daily basis.

Catering for Mental Illness

Most of the time physically ill people fall victim to mental illnesses as well, which is even more difficult to cater for. Physical illness can be treated by medicines and surgeries, but one cannot treat mental illnesses in such a manner. Many doctors complain of rising mental issues among patients and are worried about treating these multiple illnesses at one time.

Communication Gap

Doctors try their best to recover a patient, but the problem lies when the patients and their providers fail to understand the course of the recovery path. Things take time, but unfortunately, many patients and their providers do not comprehend this fact. A communicative delay occurs that results in many misunderstandings in the developing physician-patient relationship.

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